Cardiac Medications E-Class For NCLEX

Cardiac Medications E-Class For NCLEX $10.00

What You're About To Learn In Class:

  • Comprehensive Overview of Cardiac Medications: I'll cover a broad spectrum of cardiac medications to include:

    • Beta-blockers
    • ACE inhibitors
    • Calcium channel blockers
    • Diuretics
    • Antiarrhythmics
    • Anticoagulants
  • In-depth Discussions on Commonly Tested NCLEX Concepts: I will delve into the key NCLEX concepts related to cardiac medications to include:

    • Medication administration 
    • Assessment of patient responses to cardiac medications
    • Nursing interventions for patients on cardiac medications
    • Recognizing and managing medication side effects and adverse reactions
    • Patient education regarding cardiac medications
  • Interactive Q&A Session with The Instructor: This is an opportunity to:

    • Clarify any doubts or questions related to the content covered
    • Seek guidance on challenging topics
    • Benefit from the instructors' practical experience in nursing and NCLEX preparation.


  • Valuable Tips and Strategies for NCLEX Success: During the class, I'll share practical tips and strategies to enhance your NCLEX preparation and boost your chances of success. These may include: 
    • Test-taking strategies for the NCLEX
    • Time management during the examination
    • Resources for further study and practice
    • Building confidence and reducing anxiety for exam day

What People Are Saying:

These lives are the reason I passed the NCLEX 1st try, thank you!!!

Trystan B.

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