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Conquer It: The Journey to Passing the NCLEX!

Conquer It!

The Journey To Passing The NCLEX

An inspiring narrative of resilience, determination, and ultimate triumph in the face of adversity. Written by a nurse who faced the daunting challenge of failing the NCLEX exam three times, this book is a beacon of hope for aspiring nurses navigating their own paths to success.

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Who Do We Help? 

Nursing Students

Currently in Nursing School? Wondering where to begin when it comes to studying for the licensing exam instead of searching the internet blindly? I can help you in just 7 days!

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Nursing Graduates

Yay! You graduated Nursing School! What next?! NCLEX! This is the time to push through the finish line to accomplish your DREAM! The "7 Day NCLEX Course" is what you need.

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NCLEX Testers

Studying for NCLEX RN or PN? Looking for 1 on 1 guidance on how to conquer the exam on your 1st or next attempt? NCLEX Coaching and Mentoring will help you turn your dream into reality.

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Online Courses From Practicing Nurse 

7 Day NCLEX Course

Learn How to CONQUER your NCLEX in 7 days WITHOUT spending hundreds on resources & practice exams 

7 Day NCLEX Course revolutionizes how quickly students are able to master content understanding, critical thinking and answering NCLEX style questions. Unlike other resources, this course is focused on RELEVANCE, COMPREHENSION, SPEED & AFFORDABILITY!

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NCLEX Coach & Mentoring

Learn How to CONQUER your NCLEX with 1 on 1 coaching & mentoring. 

NCLEX Coaching and Mentoring provides 1 on 1 coaching for nursing students and nursing graduates preparing for their licensing exam. Whether it's your first attempt or multiple attempts, this coaching is focused on KNOWLEDGE & IMPROVEMENT to CONQUER the NCLEX exam.

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