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My Story: 

From Failure to NCLEX Coach 

Hey, friend!

I’m Kevin Gibson, a Registered Nurse, United States Navy Hospital Corpsman and Master Instructor from San Antonio, Texas, and the CEO of The Boot Nurse LLC. Thanks for stopping by!

You might know me as the founder of The Boot Nurse on YouTube, Instagram and other social media platforms.

But I’m also a nursing coach, and now recent creator of my brand-new program, The Boot Nurse NCLEX Coaching and Mentoring Program. 

It all started with my NCLEX FAILURES

I have always has a knack for teaching others. That's why I became a Navy Instructor. I loved watching students get that "ah ha" moment when they finally understood the material.

But in Oct 2018, July 2019 & Sept 2019, the instructor was still the student because I failed my NCLEX-RN exams. You read that correct. I failed my NCLEX-RN exam 3 TIMES!

Finding the strength mentally and emotionally to endure a 4th attempt of the exam was extremely difficult. So difficult in fact that I wanted to give up. 

But in those times of feeling like a complete failure, someone unexpectedly came into my life. A MENTOR!

My FIRST NCLEX failure breakdown back in 2018

From side project to coach/mentor

I always said to myself that once I pass my NCLEX, I would never want anyone to feel how I felt. So in hopes of spreading my message, I started recording YouTube videos about my NCLEX struggles. Initially my audience was basically a few people from my work and my Facebook family and friends.

I kept going, trying just about everything to figure out how this YouTube thing worked. Until finally, after 6 months, I started to see momentum.

First it was 100 subscribers in a month…then 500 a few months later...and now, The Boot Nurse is sitting at 1.2k subscribers with 58k views and 580k impressions over 2 years! 

No matter the number, I know in my heart that I've made an impact in someone's life to push forward :-)

It's not just about passing

I believe that mentoring and coaching is about serving and guiding people.

When you have an "others-focused" mindset, it takes the burden off of you to make everything perfect. Just do your best to help people! 

And in return, your struggle doesn’t have to take over your life – instead, it can serve you as much as you’re serving others! 

Thanks to YouTube, social media and coaching, I’m able to spend time mentoring, motivating and encouraging others to push through their nursing journey, conquer their NCLEX, and focus on being as generous as I can with the blessings I’ve been given.

My son is the greatest blessing given to me to guide, coach and mentor through life!

Want to pass the NCLEX on your first or next attempt?

If so, you’re in the right place! I've helped nursing students and new graduate nurses pass their NCLEX over the past two years and I want to show you exactly how I do it.

I’ve created a FREE 1 hour coaching session where I teach you the Pillars to Conquer the NCLEX on your next attempt – even if you have a super busy schedule!

In this FREE coaching session, you’ll learn:

If you have at least 1 hour, you can put a plan into action and begin creating ways to conquer the NCLEX.


1 Hour FREE Coaching Session